What's New

  • We are excited about the new school year starting! Check back soon for a Meet the Teacher section! 

  • We are working this summer on the remodeling of the Library!  Picture to come soon! *If you are handy with power tools and would like to help, call our office. We would love to have you lend us a hand! 

  • We have moved the classrooms around to add an additional Kindergarten class. The teachers are starting to get them ready for next year! 

Events at TLS

 June 12- Last day the office             is open in June. Leave a              message and we will get back to you.  

 August 3- Office re-opens (9-3)

 August 24- First Day of School 

 Click here for the Events Calendar for 2015-2016.

Come discover what TLS can do for your child. 

​​​​​​​​​​The Little Schoolhouse

Together we will soar

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Discover a place where you child can soar, a place they will have many experiences and learn new things in a calm and nurturing environment. 

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